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Hello, new member here.

Hi all. I just joined this lovely place and thought I would say hello. I just recently got started reading romantic suspense novels and I absolutely LOVE them. I found "Killing Kelly" by Heather Graham at a Goodwill store and read it and then found myself wanting to read another. I just recently finished reading "The Island" by Heather Graham and loved it also. I am now reading "Fear No Evil" by Allison Brennan and it too is an interesting book, I can't seem to put it down for very long at all. I am the type who gets bored if the book doesn't have some excitement throughout it to keep me interested and so far I'm not disappointed at all with this genre. Of course, I have only read three from the genre but that's more than I have read in awhile.

Anyway, just wanted to do a brief introduction. I'm excited to have a place to discuss my recent romantic suspense addiction! Also, since I am rather new to the genre, some suggestions on other novels/authors would be appreciated. I have heard Nora Roberts is good so I am going to try one of her books soon but I want to try others also.
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Hello, and greetings!

I'm new to the genre myself, so I can't make any useful recommendations; I've simply found it a useful writing school. Someone who can do one of these competently, is a competent fiction writer by definition.


I'm a huge Allison Brennan fan. I just finished her new "Fear" trilogy. You should try reading her first trilogy - "The Kill", "The Prey" and "The Hunt". Those were good too.

I'm slowly getting in romantic suspense, too. Just started reading Brenda Novak's new trilogy, but I'm finding her writing to be a bit too much detailed for my taste and not leaving enough for the reader's imagination. Have fun reading!