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Eep! Nobody has mentioned Lisa Gardner? I absolutely love her books. Not only are they well-written, but she does a LOT of research when writing them. She also brings back characters a lot, so you get well-invested in them (but it requires you to read all of her books so you know who she's talking about).

There's no real order, but she does go back and talk about previous characters as I said before, so to help you out:

The Perfect Husband (LG goes back about these particular characters a lot in later books)
The Other Daughter
The Third Victim (Introduces Rainie, a main player in this and other books)
The Survivors Club (Almost a separate entity from the other books b/c it has no recurring characters from other books)
The Other Accident (Introduces Kimberley, a main player in the next book)
The Killing Hour (LG's best, IMHO)
Alone (almost like The Survivors Club, but goes back to characters in The Perfect Husband)

A character that appears in almost all of the books is Pierce Quincy. I heart him.

Yeah, so I highly recommend her books. Her website's pretty good too: http://www.lisagardner.com
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